I Kall Extended Warranty

  1. What is Iwish Extended Warranty Plan?

Extended Warranty Plan (EWP), effectively transfers the financial risk of product break down from the buyer of the EWP to its provider. In event of the covered product breaking down functionally, the provider of the EW undertakes the repairs of the product as per the terms specified in the EWP.


  1. Why should I buy an Extended Warranty plan?

With an extended warranty plan, you can extend the length of warranty by a further year and protect yourself from spending thousands in the event your product breaks down.


  1. What is Truly Unlimited repairs?

Every time your appliance breaks down, we will repair it and automatically restore your appliance's protection value back to its full for the remainder of your Extended Warranty term.
e.g. Let us assume your TV costing Rs. 22,999 suffers a breakdown during the Extended Warranty term and we get it repaired for Rs. 12,000. Normally, your cover would be reduced to Rs. 10,999 only for any subsequent breakdown repairs but with Iwish Extended Warranty, we will automatically restore it back to full Rs. 22,999 for any subsequent breakdown repairs.
Which means, that your every claim will be treated like it’s the first claim.


  1. When does the Iwish Extended Warranty start?

Your Extended Warranty coverage begins the day after your manufacturer warranty ends, ensuring you a seamless extended coverage.


  1. What is not covered under Extended Warranty Pro+?

The Iwish Extended Warranty does not cover products which have been misused, tampered with, modified or damaged as a result of accident, liquid, grit, impact, lack of proper care and maintenance as indicated in the manual of operation. Accessories are not covered unless otherwise specified in the Iwish Extended Warranty agreement. Accessories include, but are not limited to, external flashes, data backup (which are not built into the equipment), batteries, ac adapters or other external cords, media, and software. The complete list of exclusions can be found in the detailed Iwish Extended Warranty .


  1. Is Iwish Extended Warranty plan transferable and renewable?

No, the Iwish Extended Warranty is non-transferable and non-renewable at this point in time.


  1. Is Accidental damage covered in this policy?

Accidental and Liquid damage are not covered as per the terms of Iwish Extended Warranty plan.


8. Where can I buy Iwish Extended Warranty plan?

Iwish Extended Warranty plans are sold only through Iwish.com.


  1. How long after my product purchase date can I purchase the plan?

You can only buy the Extended Warranty plan at the time you buy a product.


  1. How will the plan get activated ?

The plan will be auto-activated and you will get a Welcome mail by Oneassist after the plan activation process is completed.


  1. Can I cancel the plan after purchasing it?

No, you cannot cancel your Iwish Extended Warranty plan until you cancel the order of appliances.


  1. What should I do if my product stops working?

It’s simple. Please refer to the Iwish Extended Warranty T&Cs of your plan and check whether the issue you are facing is covered under this agreement. If it is, call on 1800-123-3330 and the customer executive will guide you how to raise a claim.


13. Can I raise a claim through Iwish Extended Warranty when the product is under manufacturer’s warranty?

Iwish Extended Warranty services can be availed only during the period in which your extended warranty plan is live. You would receive these details in the welcome email which shall be sent to you post activation.
Any problem during the manufacturer’s warranty, request you to kindly contact the Iwish service center or helpline.


  1. How do I claim the Iwish Extended Warranty plan?
  2. If you experience any issues with your TV, intimate OneAssist by calling on 0120-4731048within 7 calendar days of its occurrence.
  3. File a claim using One Assist Mobile App(s) or by logging onto the  One Assist website (www.ikall.in).
  4. Fill in the required details detailing the issue that you are facing. You must also upload a copy of the purchase invoice of your TV.
  5. A verified Service Expert visits you as per the your chosen time and your TV is repaired at no cost to you.


  1. What does the at-Home Repair Service include?

Exactly that! The at-home service means a qualified technician will repair the product at your place. The responsibility is on us to perform repairs safely and conveniently. We will also help to un-install and then re-install your product if it is mounted on your wall. In case, the product can only be repaired at the service center, we will arrange for the transportation from your premise and back at no cost to you.


  1. What are the top six reasons a repair/claim is denied?
  2. Unauthorized personnel attempted to repair the product.
  3. Claim is not intimated within 7 days of the problem occurring.
  4. Product is repaired prior to receiving authorization from us.
  5. Required documents are not provided.
  6. Any misuse of product like use for commercial purposes.
  7. Reason for product failure excluded in the coverage as mentioned in Terms & Conditions.


  1. What do I have to pay for the repairs?

Nothing at all for the repairs which are covered as in the Extended Warranty terms and conditions. For any repairs which are falling in exclusion of the conditions specified, you will have to pay as per the standard rate applicable.


  1. What happens if the product cannot be repaired or the repair exceeds the unit’s value?

If the unit is not repairable for any reason as per the coverage, or the cost of repairing the unit exceeds the unit’s current market value; we may offer to replace your product or make a monetary settlement reflecting the prevailing market value of your product post depreciation applicable. The prevailing market value will be the cheapest price available as determined solely by us.
e.g. Let’s assume that you bought a device originally for Rs. 22,999 for which we are going to provide a replacement. If the product is now available for sale at Rs. 22,000, then the prevailing market value for your product will not be higher than Rs. 22,000. The settlement amount will be calculated by applying depreciation on Rs. 22000 as per the age of your product in this case.
If a replacement (either by way of replacement product or a monetary settlement) is made, there will no longer be coverage under the contract and all obligations will be deemed satisfied. Please refer the T&C for more details.


  1. What is the depreciation rate that is applied?

Depreciation will be applied on the Sum Insured as follows:



1st year of Extended Warranty


2nd year of Extended Warranty


If we compensate you as above, all our obligations under this contract will be deemed fulfilled and there will no longer be any coverage under the plan.

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