I Kall Exchange

  1. How do i avail I wish exchange offer?
  • Select the device which you wish to exchange and we'll help you unlock the best exchange value based on the device condition & the current market price.
  • On accepting the exchange value offered for your device, your I wish account will be credited with the exchange value coupon instantly.
  • Place a new Smartphone order & use the exchange value coupon during checkout.
  • Handover your old phone for a new Smartphone at the time of delivery to our executive.
  1. Can I exchange more than one device towards a purchase?

          No, you may only exchange one device at a time.

  1. What is the bill value when I avail the Exchange Offer?

            The invoice sent to you will have the final adjusted value.

  1. In case I wish to return the new phone I bought in the Exchange Offer, will my old phone be shipped back to me?

            If there are any issues with the new phone, please notify us within the 10 days and if eligible, we will issue a replacement.

            However, we will not be able to ship your old phone back to you

5. What are the checks that will be conducted by the delivery person who will be delivering the new device and picking up the old device?

A. Brand and model of the old device matches the declaration provided by you at the time of purchase of the new device.

B. The phone switches on and should be in switched on mode for a minimum of 30 seconds without connecting to the charger.

C. The IMEI of the old device, provided by you, at the time of purchase of the new device, is correct and there is no mismatch.

D. Screen should not have any cracks, visible lines, spots, water damage, discoloration and it should not be coming out from edges. Body of the phone should not have any crack and there should not be any button missing from the phone.

E. There should not be any crack/dent/damage to the screen (big or small) and internal LCD screen should not be damaged.

F. For all phones, the screen lock should not be active (all forms of screen lock such as pattern, pin, password, fingerprint, face recognition, etc. needs to be de-activated).

  1. Is it compulsory to submit the old phone’s accessories while picking up the old device?

        No accessories (earphones, charger etc.) will be collected at the time of collecting the old device.

  1. Do I have to submit any documents related to the old phone at the time of pick up?

        No documents (bills, warranty card etc.) of old device will be collected during collection of the old device.

  1. When will I receive the new product and when will my old device be picked up?

          The new device delivery and the old device pickup will happen simultaneously (hand in hand) and

           you should keep the old device ready to be given for exchange.

  1. Does iwish Exchange coupon get expired?

         Yes, iwish Exchange coupons expire in 14days from date of issue.

  1. Can I transfer iwish Exchange Coupon to my friend’s iwish account?

          No, iwish Exchange Coupons cannot be transferred to any other iwish account.

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