Mr. Ramesh Mehta


Founder and MD


He brought to life an astonishing idea that transformed into a successful business venture. In 1994, Ramesh Mehta curated India's premier brand of Ikall . Pursuing a simple course of education in his native place, Ramesh always had a keen desire of making big in life. Creative in his thoughts and ambitious by voltaic, he began paving a career for himself. This maestro had a firm belief in his vision and has proved his mettle to the world as Founder of I wish India.

Twenty four years back, a first-generation businessman embarked his journey by providing bespoke and finest electronic sollution. Successful execution of the idea is what separates the dreamers from the entrepreneurs. Today, seen in almost every corner of every city, I Kall has made a mark and has pioneered the concept of organized mobile market in India. Not just for the retailing of Mobile Phones, but also to make moments special for loved ones, the first-in-India Ikall brand boasts of 300 outlets in 120 cities nationwide and delivers across 170 countries worldwide. This is the largest in Mobile Phones delivery sector.

Mr. Ramesh Mehta over the period of time has been able to deep seat his baby project into four verticals namely, I wish india, Ikall, Alpharadios, Nikon Systems. With his persistent efforts and desire to create an exceptional brand, he brought a new edge to the electronics and mobility in the country. With a varied array of prestigious national and international awards to its credit, I Wish India has established a robust foothold globally.

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